Coaching and follow-up

The big event

Certain public speeches can be key to an employee’s journey. Whether it is the first impression in front of clients or colleagues, the presentation of an important project or the need to convince without fault, a palpable pressure is generally felt during such an event. Stand’Impro supports you with all the attention and professionalism you need to optimize your chances of success while alleviating this stress. 

We offer individual and tailor-made support for people who are faced with such situations. Simple to organize, our coaching will help you succeed in these key moments.

You just have to tell us about your needs and we will take care of making a proposal with the necessary intervention time..

Follow-up training

Some employees took the Stand’Impro “public speaking” training with great enthusiasm and satisfaction. The perspective that has been developed on this exercise remains, but the need for arefreshis felt after several months.

We offer you a follow-up training which allows you to take up certain aspects already covered in training as well as to pursue in more depth other chapters of public speaking. From the neurosciences, through the biological understanding of stress, the personality profiles of my audience or even the different theatrical techniques directly applicable to speech in business, we thus offer you tailor-made monitoring.
Having trained these collaborators and aware of their needs, we will not fail to make you some suggestions so that they can refresh and improve some of their key skills.