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Knowing how to speak in public is one of the most important professional skills. A good speech gives us a good professional image, while a presentation where we feel overwhelmed by stress will leave a very poor impression with our clients, colleagues or peers.
Who has not already felt a strong apprehension at the idea of ​​speaking in public? Who has not already felt that the messages communicated were not going to have the desired effect?
If in some Anglo-Saxon countries, the culture of “public speaking” is part of the training course from “high school”, it is clear that this aspect of training represents a cultural deficit in Switzerland, while expectations nonetheless remain high.

How to manage your stress in front of your audience? What are the presentation techniques that allow us to capture attention and convey messages clearly? How to surprise and convince your audience? Should we address all audiences in the same way? What messages does my bodylanguage convey?
The “public speaking” training aims to answer these questions and to provide the tools that will allow you to progress throughout your career.

So that speaking out is no longer experienced as an obligation or a nightmare, but as a pleasure and a professional accelerator!

Anyone required to present in public

– Gain confidence in front of your audience
– Improve presentation techniques
– Master the speech to convince your audience

Andreas Ventouras Founder and Trainer Stand’Impro

Ask us a question by email or phone +41(0)786749790

1’500.- CHF 
The price includes the two days of training, the support, the lunches as well as the follow-up 4 months after the two days of training.

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