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Who hasn’t already found themselves in a situation of failure with a client? Teams with a sales function that have the potential to perform better? A feeling of disagreement with a person who cannot be concretely identified and explained? Ethics or personal alignment conflicts? Or a good know-how which works in certain situations but which goes straight in the wall at times?

The sales profession is an art that cannot be improvised. It is learned and mastered. If the years are essential to the development of this activity, a training can clearly allow to gain in efficiency and to advance more quickly. Identify the often instinctive phenomena and understand the principles that govern them. Make your own assessment based on criteria that are part of the sales attitude.

And how to profile your client? Body attitudes and language are all indicators that one must know how to use. The purchasing decision mechanisms are not the same for everyone and it is essential that the seller understands the right strategy to adopt so as not to lose his prospect.
From customer objections to soft skills essential to the seller, Stand’Impro sales training aims to review all the aspects that can make a difference. Sell to better calculate, but also to grow yourself with and through your customers.
Training recipients
All employees with a sales function

– Understand the attitudes of the seller
– Mastering sales techniques
– Profiler son client

Andreas Ventouras, President of Stand’Impro

Training dates
2 days at your premises or ours

Next sessions
Stand’Impro organizes this training in intra or inter-company format. You can let us know your availability and we organize the days according to the participants’ agendas.

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