Training: The Manager’s Keys


Taking on your first role as Manager is a delightful step during a professional career. Indeed, it is often the recognition of the investment and skills of an employee.

However, it must be noted that most of the time, the appointment is made without prior support. The new Manager quickly finds himself overwhelmed with the amount of new tasks that fall to him. Certain “classic” Management errors are made and it is often impossible to go back. Quite quickly, the bill can be very expensive!

What are the essential keys to successfully manage the different personalities that make up a team in the long term? What style of Management to adapt? What are the parameters to take into account when recruiting new employees? How can this new team be motivated on a daily and long-term basis, individually and collectively?

Training recipients
Employee taking up his first duties as Manager

-Develop your own management style
-Master the keys to recruitment
-Know motivate and manage your teams

Advantages offered by Stand’Impro
-A reduced number of participants making it possible to focus tailor-made training according to the needs of each (2 to 4 participants)
-The intervention of professional trainers also recognized Actors often allowing a quality of games allowing participants to feel “truly” confronted with different situations
-Un rating of training reaching almost 100% over more than 5 years with our many customers
Andreas Ventouras, President of Stand’Impro

Training dates
2 days in your premises or ours

Next sessions
Stand’Impro organizes this training in intra or inter-company format. You can let us know your availability and we organize the days according to the participants’ agendas.

850.- CHF / day per employee for the intra-company formula.

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