Public Speaking Trainer

The Trainer : Andreas Ventouras is the Founder and President of Stand’Impro, a training center for companies and the largest improvisation school for adults in Geneva. He regulary performs on stage at the Comédie de la Gare (Uptown), Chat Noir or Moulin-Rouge with various improviser artists.

Former student of the Graduate Institute of International and Devlopment Studies, Andreas Ventouras worked as a Lobbyist for four years at the Swiss Banking Association in Basel. He then moved back to Geneva to a position of Sales Manager at UBS for two years. Intensively exposed to public speeches, he developped a training method combining his former professional experiences and applied theater techniques.

Everybody is exposed to public speeches but only a few of us are properly trained to succeed. As a result, some people are qualified as good speakers while some others are regarded as bad. Like any other discipline, it is possible to learn and use various techniques to improve the effectiveness of our oral communication. The result is not only reflected through the improvement of our performance, but also a possible positive change in the way others perceive us. Ultimately, public speaking training is a very powerful tool to improve your image. In the end if you work on your public speaking skills, you don’t do this for anyone but you! Public and effective speaking is the revealing expression of a human personality!

Imagine a world where every single time that you are assigned a new presentation you only get excited with this new opportunity to achieve further goals – both professional and personal. Imagine a world where people come up to you at the end of your presentation to tell you that they really like your topic and that they will remember you. Fear and stress are none of your concern. Imagine a world where you just feel rightly rewarded for what you have to say. Can you see? This is where public speaking begins.