Corporate Values

Enhance a deeper meaning

The workshop
This teambulding workshop aims strengthening some of your fundamental corporate values on an original way. Transparency, proactivity or teamspirit, Stand’Impro will help you giving a deeper sense to these values. 

Whom is this workshop adressed?

What is the number of participants?
From 4 participants to a very large number

Where does it take place?
In your premises or areas we propose

What is the duration?
The average duration is half of a day

What is the price?
Contact us so we can make you a adequate offer adapted to the number of participants and duration

Why this workshop?
Corporate values is a key element to motivate and align workers on a long-term. These values are often highlighted by corporations but have no real meaning for the people. Take distance and realize the importance of them. How can anyone embody theses values on a daily basis? For a long-term and sustainable commitment for all!