Understanding Diversity

When others become your strength

The workshop
This teambuilding workshop aims to strengthening the ties in your team on a sustainable way. Diversity is an added value to any team but it also require a good self-understanding and openness to others. Who I am? How other work? What are the key communication tools? How my colleagues decide? What do motivate them most? What is the role of the Manager? 

Whom is this training addressed?
Any team

What is the number of participants?
We advise from 4 to 10

Where does this workshop take place?
In you premises or ours

What is the duration?
The average duration is one day

What is the price?
Contact us so we can make you an adequate offer

Why this teambuilding workshop?
To create a healthy and performing team on the long run is essential but very challenging at the same time. The complexity of human relations between each other can often make a simple task very complex. An external expertise will provide you with professional tools whatever the state of your team. Enhance your self-understanding and the way of working/being of your teammates!