Just for Fun

A moment to remember

The workshop
This teambuilding workshop is a unique and fun moment. Discover improvisation theater (improv) with your colleagues and enjoy laughing together. Short scenes and improvisation principles, just for fun! 

Whom is this workshop addressed?
Anyone can participate to this workshop. Introverted or rather extraverted, with or without theater experience, this moment is meant for everyone to feel good.

How many people can participate?
From 4 to 12 participants per room and trainer.

Where does it take place?
In your premises if adapted or rooms that we propose.

What is the duration?
The average duration is 1:30 hours. We can adapt the program and length to your needs.

What is the price?
Please contact us, so we can make you the adequate offer regarding the number of participants.

Why a “Just for fun” workshop?
Your colleagues will remember a unique moment. The people feeling uncomfortable about this workshop appear to be so most satisfied by accomplishing what appears at first as a challenge. Improv, yes you can!