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Being able to communicate well sets you apart from the crowd. Today, many studies and surveys show that communication skills head the top of the most wanted skills by firms and employees. A speaker delivering an effective message for its audience has became a challenging exercise in an era where technologies alter the way we communicate. We text, send e-mails or tweets and, most of the time, we look at screens more than we look at each other.

What is the precise way to look at a speaker who holds a presentation? A “good” or “bad” first impression is what we feel. But can we define clear criteria to deliver objective feedback to a speaker or to ourselves? Is public speaking only an interpersonal perception matter or is the use of effective and common techniques affordable to all of us?

“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first”, as Ralph W. Emerson once wrote. This sharply applied to me at my first business presentation, as a Lobbyist, in front of members of the Swiss Banking Association, in 2007. Difficulties to manage stress and an unclear prepared message suggested that I was someone not deserving to talk in front of people. How ashamed I could feel after this first attempt!

Who is this training for?
Our public speaking training is suitable for anybody who needs to speak to any audience.

– enhance self confidence in front of an audience
– develop new communication tools
– master the art of a persuasive/selling speech

Dates and location
2 days in your office

Andreas Ventouras

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