Public speaking training

The training

Public speaking is one of the main skills that are most in-demand. A good speech strengthens the perception of our professional capacities while a poor performance raises many doubts among clients, management and colleagues.

Who has never felt overwhelmed as the moment to speak comes closer? Who has never realised that the key messages are not correctly conveyed without understanding the logical explanation? Who has never been disappointed for not being able to convince its counterpart to move to the suggested way?

Most of us have to speak in front of people. But few consciously master the techniques of this art. What is stress and how do we manage it? What are the relevant presentations techniques that ensure that the message is impactfully communicated? How to convince any audience? How to cope with body language?

Stand’Impro public speaking training aims to give you the tools to go to unknown territories with this ancient discipline—an undoubtful added value for your life and career.

Public speaking: let’s enrich ourselves through the eyes of others!

To whom is this training addressed?
Anyone addressing an audience

– Enhance self-confidence
– Develop presentation techniques
– Master the skills of persuasion

Andreas Ventouras, President of Stand’Impro

Training dates
2 days in your premises / contact us

Andreas Ventouras: +41 (0)78 674 97 90|


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